How to Delete Pornhub Account (Step-by-Step)

Are you tired of having a Pornhub account and want to delete it?

Whether you want to remove your personal information. Want to take a break from adult content?

You can delete your account easily.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to delete your Pornhub account in detail.

Why Delete a Pornhub Account?

Before we delve into the steps to delete a Pornhub account. It’s essential to understand why someone would want to delete it. Here are some reasons:

  • Concerns about privacy: You may have concerns about your privacy and don’t want to leave your personal information on the site.
  • Time management: You may find that you’re spending too much time on the site, and deleting your account is a way to take control of your time.
  • Personal preference: You may have decided that you no longer want to use the site for personal reasons, and deleting your account is the best course of action.

Whatever the reason, deleting a Pornhub account is a straightforward process that can be completed in just a few steps.

Steps to Delete a Pornhub Account

Here are the steps to delete your Pornhub account:

Step 1: Log in to Your Account

The first step is to log in to your Pornhub account using your username and password. If you’ve forgotten your password, click on the “Forgot Password” link to reset it.

Step 2: Go to the Account Deletion Page

Once you’ve logged in, go to the account deletion page.

You can find this by clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner and selecting “Settings” from the dropdown menu.

Then, click on “Account Information” and scroll down until you see the “Delete Account” button.

Step 3: Confirm the Deletion

Click on the “Delete Account” button, and you’ll be asked to confirm the deletion.

This is your last chance to change your mind, so make sure you’re ready to delete your account.

Step 4: Enter Your Password

To confirm the deletion, you’ll need to enter your password.

This is to ensure that it’s you who is deleting the account and not someone else.

Step 5: Click on “Delete Account”

Once you’ve entered your password, click on the “Delete Account” button.

Your account will be immediately deleted, and you’ll be logged out of the site.


1. Is it possible to recover a deleted account?

No, once an account is deleted, it cannot be recovered.

2. Will deleting my account delete all my videos and comments?

Yes, deleting your account will delete all your videos, comments, and other data associated with the account.

3. How long does it take for the account to be deleted?

The account will be immediately deleted once you confirm the deletion.

4. Can I create a new account after deleting my old one?

Yes, you can create a new account after deleting your old one.

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